What is STEEMIT?

This is a transcript of dan atStarLite‘s latest words:

SteemIT, ‘dan atStarLight’ here!

The first little Steem bubble was simply a round of investment, it was not STEEMIT

IT was confusing at the time.


It seems like: ‘Oh STEEM is launching it’s product!’, so IT wasn’t a failed product. IT
was simply a round of investment.

STEEMIT hasn’t launched its product yet.

IT’s product is attention.


Selling Attention and giving that money to the people giving the attention, and that hasn’t happened yet.

The money from the first bubble didn’t come from people buying attention or companies buying attention. It came from speculators, investors.

So basically, it was a great round of funding and to dismiss STEEMIT now is ridiculous because it would basically be like investing in a company, seeing it did an amazing round of investment and then dismissing the company before it even launches its product.

STEEMIT now has to do, which is do something which other social media companies have already proven works, which is:

Sell Attention!

But this time it’s going to go to the people using a platform, not the shareholders of the company, while the shareholders of the company are the people using the platform .

So STEEM hasn’t done what it’s supposed to do yet. That’s the crazy thing but because the investment round was so confusing and people didn’t even realize that it was basically just a round of investing.

Maybe nobody did.


So it was very very confusing. So they see this bubble and they think:’Oh, STEEM launched and it didn’t work.’

It hasn’t even done what it’s supposed to do yet! That’s the crazy day so it will be interesting to see one steam it starts selling attention and speculation will always be a part of it investing will always be apart but it’s going to be this step-by-step growth between
rounds of investments and revenue streams.


So Let FyrstIkken Go On Holidays Till The Next Investment Round starts! – He deserves IT!

STEEM’s UnCensored Radio Days were gone after this link was posted in STEEMSPEAK chat… and that was FyrstIkken’s ReSponse:

Let’s Build UP Some STEEM And Shape IT The Way We Want IT! 😉 ❤


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