#PizzaGate Domino Effect initiated or ‘The Fish always starts stinking at the head’

Let’s celebrate the end of the OOWO*!

ohneworte_12source traumabasedmindcontrol.com

B assured this is not a joke!

Or why  Hillarious email-conversations are a milestone approaching the GoldenMillenium.

For a quick introduction:

Feel free to watch this playlist till the end, but be warned that what U’ll see will blow Ur mind and force U to completely reconsider Ur views on the world we live in right now.

So how to move on?

No idea what Ur thinking right now, but always keep in mind, that this is a worldwide ancient phenomenon, and that everyone involved, any Predator, even Scully and the ‘Paedesta’-Brothers must have all been victims themselves.

Only a Being, that grew up in a total isolation of love from a certain point in time on is able to develop such habits unimaginable for the regular citizen.

As crude as it might sound, they all gonna B forgiven and their pain will slowly dissolve in a sea of their own tears triggered by a wave of forgiveness.

P.S.: WhoEver U’ll blame for that, U might B completely wrong!

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