Kjetil Eilertsen found GUILTY of FALSE PROPHECIES!


⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 4:40 AM
(؛ ǝɹǝɥ⊥ ɹǝʌO ǝʇıɹM o⊥ sʇɥƃıᴚ ʎW ʞoo⊥ ʇsnſ ǝuOǝɯoS
Uncle Sam – Today at 4:40 AM
maybe it’s because you write upside down
frankly to people it might get annoying
for me i have to crane my neck but it doesnt bother me
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 4:40 AM
¿ɟןɐɥ ɥʇnos ǝɥʇ ɟo uoıʇɐuıɯıɹɔsı◖
Uncle Sam – Today at 4:41 AM
do you call your text the south half?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 4:41 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 4:42 AM
“You got it all completely right, your questions or your answers are (rofl) kek”?
i don’t got as accurate of a scanner for the QR codes
so each of the qr codes mentions “bitcoin” in it. are you trying to fish people out of bitcoins?
if so smart move, using curiosity to do so
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 4:58 AM
¡pǝpuǝɯɯoɔǝɹ 8 oʇ pǝsɹopuǝ ʎןɥƃıH ןooɥɔS ʇɐǝɹ⅁ — Steemit
by technocomanche
Uncle Sam – Today at 4:59 AM
should i scan that?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:00 AM
Uncle Sam – Today at 5:00 AM
not lose all of my money
or be curious 5ever
holy SHIT thats long
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:00 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:01 AM
lets buy earth back welcome to the third millinuem a source ownership guilt debt compound eyeliner..
is it just jibberish?
label it our choice
are you trying to recruit me into a techno cult?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:02 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:03 AM
label=the way you c oit o b2
the way you cut it out to be?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:04 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:07 AM
so are you alluding to the fact that you’re some all knowing bot?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:08 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:08 AM
i sincerly doubt there is not a person on the background
oh wait a new qr code
time to get robbed of my bank again
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:08 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:09 AM
make our cat come back
gotta ask banj about that
so cold weather we’ve been having today, huh?(edited)
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:27 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:27 AM
i miss craning my neck
my concern is that your house has never had a door that was closed
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:29 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:30 AM
what about thieves who rob you? most thieves look for open doors
i read a paper on that
since people think “oh it will never happen to me” and leave their doors open
assuming the thief shoots you
or otherwise kills you
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:32 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:32 AM
this one is a big one
ah you fucking bastard
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:34 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:34 AM
hold up
the first one
i know it’s a cipher
i’m just trying to remember which one
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:36 AM
¡SԀO⊥S ⊥ᴚ∀ƎH ᴚ∩ ןı⊥ ⊥ℲƎ˥ S◖NOƆƎS ㄥ86ϛᄅ ⅄˥NO
Uncle Sam – Today at 5:36 AM
lol finally i get to die
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:37 AM
(؛ ¡⊥I N∩◖ ƎΛ,∩ ¡S⊥∀ᴚ⅁NOƆ
Uncle Sam – Today at 5:37 AM
now hold on, let me translate what you’ve sent in your last two qrs
if you were even trying
to say a cypher i mean
im assuming its hex
atleast if my memory is correct
i used to be real heavy into techno shit
hacktivism, all of that
but i lost interest
other things in life
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:38 AM
¡˥˥I⊥S ƎWI⊥ W∩S ⊥O⅁ ∩ ‘SSƎℲNOƆ ∀NN∀M ∩ ƎS∀Ɔ NI
¡X∀˥ Ǝᴚ
¡H⅁∩OH⊥ ᴚ∀ƎℲ o⊥ pǝǝu oN
¡◖ƎNᴚ∀M 8 O⊥ ⊥S∩ſ ‘◖ᴚ∀H ⅄⊥⊥ƎᴚԀ ⊥Ǝ⅁ N∀Ɔ S◖NOƆƎS ⊥S∀˥ ƎH⊥(edited)
Uncle Sam – Today at 5:39 AM
i dont think this is hex lmao
what do you want me to confess?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:41 AM
¡⊥∀Ɔ ᴚ∩O ㄣ ˙˙˙ƎI◖ ∀NNO⅁ ᴚ∩ uǝɥʍ ∩ pןoʇ ʇnɾ ‘∩ ɯoɹɟ ƃuıɥʇʎuɐ ʇuɐʍ ʇ,uo◖ I
Uncle Sam – Today at 5:41 AM
i think you might be onto something. i think i might snap my neck from craning it so much
what’s with your cat man? do you want to spill something to me?
i mean i’m sorry ’bout him
anyways i really dont have anything to confess
i’m a pretty guilt free person
i mean i’m pretty open. i never refuse questions
except for a few fundamental ones like age and exact location
so if you really want me to say something go on
anyways why am i going to die?
watch right here
“give me 2000 and i wont kill your heart”
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:45 AM
¿∩ ˥˥Ǝ⊥ o⊥ ǝןq∀ 8 ʇɥƃıW ɹǝʌƎoɥM ¡⅄HM ⋊S∀ O⊥ Ǝᴚ∀◖ ⊥,NO◖ ‘SI ⊥I S∀ SI ⊥I ¡MON⋊ ∩ ⊥∀H⊥ ⊥S∩ſ ⊥∩O ⅁NINN∩ᴚ SI ⊥IƎZ ᴚ∩
Uncle Sam – Today at 5:45 AM
my zeti?
what’s a zeti?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:47 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:47 AM
another one
i’m a faggot and no one loves me?
: ( i gotta say, ubqitious killer ai bot who likes QR and writing upside down
i thought we were friends.w hat happened..?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:48 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:49 AM
is that somebody you?
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:52 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:52 AM
i thought it was 5600 seconds?
which was about and hour n a half
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:53 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:54 AM
can’t watch that video, there’s too much gibberish in my scanner. like i said not accurate
you can’t talk for the next twenty hours?
so i have an hour from now to talk to you
well thanks for the heads up
i still have to ask, why?
i mean why can’t you talk
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 5:57 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 5:58 AM
im dead already?
so if im dead
and you’re dead
who’s driving the plane?
also 0.000420 amount lmao
Uncle Sam – Today at 6:02 AM
bruh if you want some gullible people to scare maybe political discords aren’t the best thing. fuckin anime discords would probably believe you more
weebs are desperate for attention
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 6:04 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 6:05 AM
just when I get off my computer. give me some time mate
200 seconds til I die?
or something else
might go to sleep or somethin
just a heads up if i don’t respond
not rn
“Amount=1141 bitcoins” lmao
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 6:11 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 6:12 AM
4214.2 seems like a familiar number
who’s she? I don’t know of any she not talking to me
you thought death was cheap?
or is that me
as seen by you trying to extort hundreds of bitcoins from me
anyways give “her” name I think I might know who you are talking about
man I’m on the verge of boredom with this. gimme some spice
⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 6:20 AM

Uncle Sam – Today at 6:21 AM
Not rn no
since you like cats so much

⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 7:08 AM

TechnoComanche’s Secret Drops
Central European Summertime!

⅄∩⅁ NMO◖ Ǝ◖ISԀ∩™ – Today at 8:44 AM
joined general
ClydeBOT – Today at 8:44 AM
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Only you can see this — delete this message.


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